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Christmas Past Memorabilia Pack

Picture of Christmas Past Memorabilia Pack
Replicas of original materials from Christmas Past.

£6.95 incl VAT

Falling Snow Border

Picture of Falling Snow Border
Use this beautiful falling snow design border to finish any winter themed display.

£4.45 incl VAT

Happy Holidays Display Set

Picture of Happy Holidays Display Set
Brighten up the dark days with this fun 43-piece pack.

£6.95 incl VAT

Happy Snowflakes Border

Picture of Happy Snowflakes Border
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

£4.75 incl VAT

Let it Snow Display Set

Picture of Let it Snow Display Set
Bring snow into the classroom without all the cold and mess!

£6.95 incl VAT

Snow and Ice Border

Picture of Snow and Ice Border
Create your own winter wonderland.

£4.75 incl VAT

Snowflake Two-Colour Mini Cut-outs

Picture of Snowflake Two-Colour Mini Cut-outs
Great for winter themed mobiles.

£3.25 incl VAT

Snowmen in Clay Border

Picture of Snowmen in Clay Border
These cheeky snowmen will raise a smile during the long winter months. Perfect accompaniment to any winter project.

£4.75 incl VAT

Sparkle Snowflakes Cut-outs

Picture of Sparkle Snowflakes Cut-outs
Reflect the light, just like the real thing.

£6.95 incl VAT

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